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Lynk is a branded payment and card issuance solution tailored to your business needs. Our open APIs will seamlessly integrate with your existing eCommerce or app payment flows, and no monthly subscription fees.

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Join the waitlist and refer your friends.


You get 1 point for each friend you refer to the waitlist. Your friend will also receive 1 point. 1 point is equivalent to 0.01% in processing fee savings.


Every point gets you higher up the waitlist and lowers your processing fees is a win-win.

Refer friends and get your processing fees lowered to only 0.5%*.

 For each friend you refer, we reduce your processing fee by 0.01% if you. If your GMV is $100 million, that could result in $500,000 in savings for you.

*Processing Fees Reduction Referral Disclaimer 
You earn one point for every friend you refer. Each point is equivalent to 0.01% in processing fee savings for you. Your friend also earns one point, which is equivalent to 0.01% processing fee savings. You can lower your processing fees down to 0.5% for three months if you invite 50 friends or more to join the waitlist program. The maximum the processing fee can be lowered to is 0.5%. After three months, the processing fees will increase back to 1%.